Individual pilgrimages

Two ways of following in “The Footsteps of Bernadette”:

Bernadette invites you to follow her to the Grotto, through the gardens, to Saint Joseph’s chapel, to the Facade and to the Chapel where she is enshrined.

Each venue can evoke some facets of her ordinary daily life, her time as a nurse, her experiences and her illnesses.  We follow her on her spiritual journey.  Bernadette was twenty-two when she arrived in Nevers and it was in this house that her faith and her love of God blossomed.  Thirteen years after her arrival, as death was approaching, clutching her crucifix, she said : « He is sufficient for me» !

When you walk in the footsteps of Bernadette, she becomes close to you , just like a friend. She invites you to be at one with her.