Group pilgrimages

Listed below are some elements to help you with the organization of your pilgrimage.  Select what you consider suitable for your group.

Guided tour “In the footsteps of Bernadette”

This pilgrimage enables you to discover Bernadette through the significant places in the house and the important events which marked her life.

If you are doing the pilgrimage over two days, we suggest the following three stages:

1st stage:  “The call … from Lourdes to Nevers.”

A guided visit to the Grotto, the main Gate and the Façade.

2nd stage:  “Bernadette, an ordinary saint.”

A guided visit to the garden at the back of the Chapel, the Novitiate and Our Lady of the Waters.

3rd stage:  “The path of confidence”

A guided visit to St. Joseph’s Chapel, Holy Cross Oratory and the main Chapel.

The pilgrimage ends with a time for sharing.

Please note that the “Walk in the Footsteps of Bernadette” can be effected in one stage.


 Projection of a film on Bernadette

Presentation of a 25-minute documentary …

Based on information from the archives, this documentary takes us into Bernadette’s world and her encounter with Mary, where we follow her on her spiritual journey from Lourdes to Nevers.

The film can be an introduction to the “Walk in the Footsteps of Bernadette” or it can help you bring together what you have discovered about the life of the saint.

After the documentary, a time for spontaneous sharing is suggested.


Visit the museum in small groups

Your organizer/group leader will guide you to the museum.

The expression on Bernadette’s face, as you enter the museum, invites you to look at the world and its people in a different light.

The museum, designed as a journey, helps you to discover the life of Bernadette.  It retraces the various places connected with her – the cachot, the grotto, the hospice in Lourdes and her life in Nevers.

Photographs and objects depict Bernadette’s various activities during the thirteen years spent in Nevers.



The group can participate in the Masses in French offered in Bernadette’s Chapel :

If you have a priest in your group, your leader must reserve the place and time of your Mass.


 Times of Prayer

Our animation team can help you prepare evening prayer :

Your own group will take charge of the prayer (+/- half an hour).


 Visits outside the Sanctuary