The first Sisters answer the call…

Two friends, Anne Legeay and Marie Marchangy, young girls from Saint-Saulge, answered Jean-Baptiste Delaveyne’s invitation.  He offered them a new kind of religious life, living among the villagers. Here, among the poor, they met Christ.  Jean-Baptiste invited them to an intense life of prayer.  It was at this time that the apostolic religious life began.

Marcelline Pauper joined the small community.  She became one of the great mystics of the 17th century.  With other Sisters, she was involved in the foundation of several communities … twenty between 1680 and 1704 … first in the Nievre area in Nevers, Decize, Saint Pierre le Moutier, then beyond the Nivernais province in Ile de France, Auvergne, Ardeche and Saint-Etienne.  In the beginning  communities consisted of 3 or 4 Sisters – an apothecary (chemist), two nurses and a teacher.

After the French Revolution the Congregation spread rapidly