Marcelline Pauper, the dynamic missionary

Marcelline Pauper left a profound impression on the first Sisters of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Nevers.  Her fervent spiritual life and her missionary dynamism contributed to the development of the fledging Congregation.

Marcelline Pauper was born in 1666 into a baker’s family of Saint-Saulge.  With Fr. Delaveyne as her spiritual director, she joined the community of Saint-Saulge in 1688.

She was naturally drawn to meditation and solitude in order to be close to God.  Fr. Delaveyne encouraged her to understand that serving the poor was serving God himself.  “Love and the Cross.  One is tested by the other.”

In 1691 Marcelline Pauper was sent to Decize where she established the first foundation.  From 1696 she was called upon to found other communities in Auvergne, Ardeche and Saint Etienne.  In 1705 she was sent to Tulle where she opened “Misericorde” a house for  visitation of the sick and instruction of young girls.