Her sayings

Her writings and sayings…

Bernadette only learned to read and write at the age of 14.  Her writings, as a Sister of Charity of Nevers in Nevers, include her “Personal Notes”   (1873-1874), a few of her jottings  and some family correspondance.

What she said about her encounters with the Lady:

“She was looking at me.  It was just like two people in conversation.”

What she said about her choice of life:

“I love to take care of the poor and the sick.  I will stay with the Sisters of Nevers.”

What she said about her daily life as a Sister of Charity of Nevers

“I want my whole life to be inspired by love.”
“I shall always have enough health, but never enough love.”
“Our first movement doesn’t count but the second does.”

What she said about her inner life

“Jesus alone for Master, Jesus alone for Riches …”
“God speaks in the depths of the person, without the noise of words.”
“O Jesus, give me I pray … the bread of humility, the bread of obedience … the bread of charity.”

What she said a few days before her death:

“My Jesus!  Oh, how I love him!”
“I am ground like a grain of wheat.”
“I won’t forget anyone!”