The Sisters of Charity of Nevers in the world today

In Africa:

In Anyama, a small town near Abidjan, the Sisters direct a literacy centre and a street library. They also work in a foster home for street children. They are active in parish life and live among the people.

In South America:

In Bolivia, on the high plateaux, the Sisters work closely with the poor in defending their dignity … provide breakfast for malnourished children, therapeutic and pedagogical help for children and teenagers who are victims of ill-treatment, collaborate in the creation of a centre for disabled children.  They are also involved in children’s libraries and visitation of the sick.

In Chile, the communities of Santiago are integrated into the ‘poblaciones’ (deprived areas). They work closely with immigrants, with numerous disadvantaged families and visit prisoners. They are also involved in local anti-drug and alcohol programmes for young addicts.

In Asia:

In Japan, several communities live in Tokyo and Kyoto. They work with disabled and homeless people, are involved in literacy for immigrants, enabling them to defend their rights. Several Sisters are involved with support groups in the disaster-stricken areas of Sendai and Fukushima.

In Korea, in Seoul the Sisters have various commitments. They are involved in an inter-congregational centre, helping mixed-marriage couples (immigrant Filipino women married to Koreans). They also work in hospitals which care for people without resources, with the elderly in a social centre and with Caritas in its humanitarian work.

In Europe:

In England, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland the Sisters are involved in associations which help people who live on the fringes of society.

In Poland a new community is currently being established.

In France, some Sisters are involved in School Trusteeship.
In retirement homes the Sisters live out their retirement with lay residents.

In Nevers, France, a community of Sisters of Charity of Nevers participate in the spiritual animation of Espace Bernadette. With the volunteers and staff, they are at the service of pilgrims who come from all over the world to visit Saint Bernadette.